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Karen, Mother of the Bride

"I can't tell you how many calls, texts, and emails I have gotten! It was magical and more than I ever expected! It was the most amazing night and I'm so happy! Thank you again & again."


Pam always has her hands in lots of adventures—weddings, family, friends, and the cutest grandkids in Texas.  (Note:  Don’t ask her about them, or you’ll never get anything done! :).  She’s just as comfortable talking bargains at Home Goods as she is chatting it up with the catering team at the Ritz.  She can spot a misplaced centerpiece or a cockeyed tablecloth a mile away—just the kind of eagle-eyed perfection you want from someone overseeing your event. She’s creative to a fault and just about can’t help herself from delivering LOTS more than she promises.  She plans on sleeping when she dies.
To visit with Pam, promise her an iced tea, come ready to laugh, and give her a shout at (817) 454-1760 or drop a note at


Pam, I've thought a hundred times today that I must write you, but the thought of how to even express in words my gratitude, love, fulfillment of J's and my dreams and visions, etc is overwhelming! Never in my life did I imagine that there was someone who could completely and totally capture my vision, not just once, but are so totally a "God-send" and I praise Him for you and your talent! Thank you from the bottom of my heart


Hi Pam! I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for everything you did on our wedding day!! You worked your magic as usual and the wedding was absolutely beautiful! It could not have been more perfect. Thank you for working so hard and for making our vision of the wedding happen! You are so talented.

Mike, Father of the Bride

Everything was so elegant last night, I would be a reference for you anytime. Michelle and Michael both said it was more than they ever expected! Better than perfect.


Pam the wedding was amazing!  Just gorgeous!  Thank you for everything!!!  You are precious - an answer to prayer - so thankful Barbara referred you!!!!!  Our weddings would not have been as beautiful or pleasant without you!
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