About Us

Because we want you happy not just the day of, but long after your special event.

We want that can’t-help-but-smile feeling every time you think back about your event.

We want the pictures to spark a thousand memories.

And we want your friends and family remembering the all-out, wonderful feel of a celebration they wanted to go on and on.

Whether yours is an intimate gathering or grand soiree, we treat each event as if it were our own and each new client as friends we’ve just yet to get to know.  Returning clients and glowing recommendations (As in, “You’ve got to call them!” and “Love ‘em, love ‘em, LOVE THEM!”) have blessed us with a growing business that keeps our calendars full and our hearts grateful. We offer a whole compliment of services ranging from the complete planning, design, and execution of the details of your special day to simply day-of services or floral design.

We’d be honored to be a part of your celebration…and become friends along the way.

We know what you want…swoons.  

Lots of swoons.

In fact, it’s our specialty—working with you to make sure yours is a swoon-worthy event.
And we make it happen.  Every time.

How can we be so sure?  It’s because we visit with you. Dream with you. And create with you.


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